Hi everyone
Winter is over and I am looking forward to the warm summer season. When you visit next you will notice a few small changes.
Upgrade of the park lighting.
Revamp and additions to the ponds.
Pool general area.
Upgrade to some of the camp kitchen area, including a new Hot water heater and a new fridge.
I have also purchased a new sound system for the big screen which will be installed in the near future.
I am also looking into purchasing Roll up blinds and heating for the camp kitchen. This will provide warmth and wind protection during the winter months.


The sewage works in Moyhu are well underway. the park is gradually getting back to normal, parts of the relayed roadway is still compacting and leaving depression. Site number 15 & 16 have been given a coating of topsoil and seeded, they grass just needs to start growing back now.
The workmen will be back to finish off and make sure the park is back as it was prior to works commencing..


I am still looking for a person that is self motivated and is interested in general maintenance, grounds upkeep, landscaping and gardening. I am also looking for someone to assist in upgrading, refurbishing/decorating etc. of my Cabins.

If you can assist or know someone interested, please contact me. The work is on a paid hourly rate basis.


Added a new fountain to the lower pond, It is lit up at night and it changes sequences from 2 spouts to 5 spouts. Also changed the water wheel to a mother and baby elephant waterwheel.
Added new lighting around the Swimming pool and 3 new solar powered street lights and several solar powered security lights.

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